Can a split rim explode WITHOUT a tire?

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May 20, 2011

I have an set of split rims that I can't seem to sell, mostly due to shipping costs from my present location. I'm thinking of giving these out to friends to use in fire pits.

The beads still are installed. Do these present ANY danger of exploding even without a tire present? I am particularly concerned about using them in a fire if the stell lock rings retain any tension on them, even with a tire not installed. The last thing I want is for someone to get hurt.

Sorry if a dumb question, but I don't know alot about the physics of split rims. I assume with no tire pressure force behind them, they are okay, but again, don't know what kind of spring/tension they maintain as installed.


Just pop the ring off if you are paranoid and I mean seriously paranoid!

The ring without a tyre and pumped up tube has essentially no tension in it. You can just use a screwdriver and a tyre lever to remove it from your rims. The only "danger" is catching your fingers under it or stabbing yourself with the screwdriver when removing it :)

Yes, I have first hand experience with them...


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Where are you?

have a for sale thread?


Im a noob to split rims but I love the blingless utilitarian look of them.
They are most dangerous during installation of the tire. They use steel cages while inflating the tire so the ring wont kill the installer if it comes loose.

Split rims are against the law in allot of states due to the risk of the ring coming off in traffic and hurting someone. Check the laws in your state to be sure.
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Split rims like the ones on our 4wds will not "come off in traffic". The ring is held in place by the tyre bead. If you've ever disassembled this type of split rim you'll know that the ring is not a decapitation device waiting to take out some poor innocent soul on the first bump on accident.

Split rims are still standard on most base model 4wds in Oz - I guess no one has told them yet the danger that is waiting to unleash on them... :)

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Where are you located? It would be a shame to burn these rims.

It sounds like you just want them gone. I am sure in North America there is someone that will take them off your hands, and mudshipping is a very cost effective way to move heavy items.
Split rims are still used in many facets of everyday life....tractor, fork llifts, heavy equipment....ect

Nothing to be scared of but don't burn them..
I'm in Morocco, but have access to DPO. Shipping is VERY expensive on these: about $25 each to east coast, and on up from there. Latest quotes to Utah were $40 and $50 shipping each. Seriously, unless someone out there is looking for OEM stuff on an African model HJZ80 GX, they'd be better off buying new wheels with bead locks.

If anyone wants them, knowing the shipping price, I'll let them go for $20 each, and that's basically just to cover my time in getting them packaged and out the door.

Sadly, I will have to leave my HJZ80 behind. My next post outlawed right-hand drive imports as of the first of March...It kills me. I picked it up for $3000 here with only about 250,000 kms and was instantly hooked.
Alternate safety method of installing split rims (sans cage) is just to wrap them with a chain (tire and rim). This has been done in my driveway with my M101 splits putting on Michelin XLs.

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