SOLD Calgary, Alberta: Off-Road Expedition Trailer - ready for your rooftop tent (1 Viewer)

Feb 21, 2012

For sale is my off-road expedition trailer custom built by Tradewest Fabrication in Calgary (2017). Previously this held a Treeline Outdoors Ponderosa tent - the tent is now SOLD. Sitting on an indestructible structural steel frame the aluminum tub and body create a light “go anywhere” set-up. Built with thought for overland adventures this trailer matches best with a truck or SUV that has a 2” hitch receiver and high ground clearance – probably don't need to say this on ih8mud but please don’t ask if you can tow it with your Prius/SmartCar/Lime Scooter as you and I will both end up unhappy. That having been said, light enough to tow with most small SUVs or light trucks.

Trailer features include:
- Cavernous 4’x7’ tub is top-accessible via a custom tuned gas-strut supported weather sealed lid. Tub floor made of extra strength steel.
- Front steel platform allows additional flexible storage space which together with the tub lid make for a versatile gear hauling platform; carriage bolts secure heavy-duty under-chassis mount points.
- Integrated 20lbs propane tank storage rack at rear of trailer (placed so it is accessible when the tent is deployed)...makes topping up propane before your trip as easy as a bottle swap.
- Fully weight bearing side steps and wheel fenders. Makes for easier tent deployment and access even without a ladder.
- Dual 2000 lbs independent torsion axles improve off-road clearances.
- Ultra bright LED rear lights (including back-up light).
- Rear spare tire carrier including Mac’s tire tie-down (the best there is - Macs Custom Y-Strap).
- 2” front and rear hitch receivers.
- Front and rear stand jacks are included for stabilizing the trailer while in camp.
- Standard 3-prong trailer hitch.
- 3x good condition tires and NEW ProComp rock crawler rims (265x70R16 Kumho Tires).
- Existing MaxCoupler can be added for $250 or bring your own favorite 2” compatible towing device.
- Hitch bottom bracket sits fully 21” off the ground.
- Registered and easy to insure.

With our growing family we have outgrown this trailer and are moving on to something larger this summer. If you are looking for something to hold your roof-top tent well off the ground, to pull behind you on your overland adventures, or to serve as a place to rest on your hunting trip, this could be the one.

Priced at $5500. Price is fair and reasonable so be fair and reasonable in your offers.

Local sale only (Calgary). Available to view by appointment.

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