Bumper paint code for 1996?

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Nov 19, 2006
I picked up my 96 with fairly new bumper end caps in kind of a metallic gunmetal gray color. However the metal part of the bumper in between the caps is faded and rusting.

I thought I would sand and repaint this part but I have no idea what the paint code is on the end caps and if I can get it in touch up spray cans or not.

Anyone know this paint code or had success finding a touch up spray that is close?
It's been discussed before, do a search. Don't recall anyone knowing of a specific paint code but it's referred to as graphite IIRC.
On my '97 the code is UCAA3 for duPont Chromabase. You have to shoot clear coat over that and you'll waNt to use a flex agent in the paint as you are going over plastic. I found this a perfect match.

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