Brush guards - tail light guards - cloth 3rd row seats for 80s

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Jan 30, 2006
Paris, France
United States
For sale in Los Angeles, CA

- WAAG brush guard with two poser headlights..... SOLD
- Set of two tail lights guards ..............................SOLD
- 3rd row seats, dark grey, very good condition..................$200 OBO
(with mounting brackets but no bolts. From a 12/94)
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Bump... Still available. Make offer.
Tail light guards are gone. Brush guard and seats still available.
Reduced price for brush guard

$100 for brush guard.
Still available.
Maybe the last month for this type of cloth, but 95-97s were available with a different material cloth seats in the US. They are very rare.
That I didn't know. My bad. Anyway, they're still there waiting for a good soul.
would the 3rd row seats fit my 91 japanese 80?
Good question, but no clue. You might want to ask that in the 80 forum.
I'm looking for info on the 3rd row seats. Hope they are not sold yet.

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