Bruce creek trail Invermere

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Sep 25, 2009
Victoria BC Canada
Well, I just got back from an amazing week long trip through a lot of eastern BC. Andrew Sutherland, two other friends and I made our annual get away happen even with all the Covid stuff.

The main goal was to run the Bruce creek trail (near Invermere BC) up to the beautiful glacial lake at the top. The trail tops 2400m elevation and leaves off Bruce Creek FSR. We didn't really know what we were in for but we sure found out.

We spent a total of two nail-biting days on the trail. Of course, I was towing my 101 which makes things a bit more "involved". Unfortunately we didn't make it to the summit. We ran into some locals the more or less said if we didn't want inverted rocker panels it was time to turn around... so we did. It was a good learning experience.

33's a locker, sliders and a winch are a must for this one but it is totally breathtaking.


Awesome Cam! Stunning landscape! Glad you guys got away, and thanks for sharing some pictures.
Is this the trip that secret weapon you were working on was for? :lol:

Looks like fun. I need to get out more.

It was indeed, Andrew fell victim in a busy parking lot in Radium. It worked as planned. muhahaha.
Brings back fond memories. Back when I'd just bought my 40 I worked for Invermere Forest District for 5 months. I lived in Radium Hot springs and played in the hills most days. I averaged 200 km everyday and spent most of days putting up km markers and road name signs on the Forest Service roads.

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