Brake Rotors

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Aug 9, 2008
I searched on the forum and came up with very little. Years ago I bought a set of "Japanese" rotors from SOR and was told at the time that they were the same quality wise as the Toyota ones but a lot less expensive. If I remember correctly they were almost half the price. 10 years later I need to replace them as I am doing a complete restoration. I am not concerned with cost. I have a lot of money tied up in this rig which I have had for 25 years. I want to buy the best possible parts available. I spoke with a friend today and asked his opinion. He has been a Guru for a very long time, and my go to guy for guidance over many years. He told me that He bought up large surpluses of American made rotors years ago. They are supposedly made in the USA balanced and true. And he said they have never had any issues with them. I have no issues with paying top dollar for the best parts available. When I asked him why he did not use Toyota rotors his answer was that they were way too expensive. I am not interested in going into Napa, or any other flaps and dealing with a computer jockey. At 140 a pop for Toyota rotors seems like its a bit much. I know all about he crap rotors out there from the Chinese. My brother in law replaces his yearly on his odyssey. I really like Brembo rotors. Not necessarily for my 40. He has alway recommended OEM except this time. Does anyone have any guidance on this part? My friend has his for 100 shipped for a pair. The only thing available at that price now is Chinese garbage. Thanks for any insight!
Thot: If it's too good to be true, it usually is. Too many 'american' vendors already re-boxing Chinese parts.:(

That said, the Chinese rotors are generally acceptable quality as long as you go into it knowing you need to turn your brand new rotors as soon as you mount them to the hub housings.:rolleyes:


Mark A.
Pretty sure new car rotors warp even when oem . Old ones used to be huge and thick. Can't see a lot of space age metalurgy or machining specs going into them. If they are chucked up true they can't help but be turned true. To save weight Odysseys and everything else have what little will barely get them by. All that excess use warps them. 40 years ago resurfacing was just to take out grooves not warping so much. Even if you looked into older GM etc factory manuals it gave inspection specs for grooves and warpage and didn't require turning before every set of pads. How about just cleaning up the ones you have and good to go. You don't throw away a crankshaft just because it needs to be turned undersize a bit.

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