Brake Master Cylinder Replacement Question

Jul 26, 2022
Denver, Colorado
Hey all,

I recently took my LC100 with 247k miles to a local 4x4 repair shop to replace the Brake Master Cylinder. I've had some long travel-squishy brakes so I figured to be safe. I'm still new to owning a rig this old and am trying to learn on it but I felt like that was slightly out of my element.

Doing my own research, I knew it was an expensive part. Not only did the BMC get replaced, but front rotors and pads plus rear calipers and pads, all new. After getting the truck back, I noticed the brakes are still squishy - just long travel before the brakes start to engage.

Doing more research, I would've assumed the brake accumulator and pump would've been included in the BMC assembly replacement but it seems mines the same and they specifically just replaced the BMC like I requested.

I guess my questions to you guys is:
1) Does just changing the BMC and not the accumulator/pump do anything worth while to where I can put that other piece off? Or should I just bite the bullet and take it back replacing that part as well?
2) Are the squishy brakes just a normal 99 LC perk?

Apologies for the long text, I really am trying to learn about these amazing rigs. It's been places not even my Power Wagon can do.
Sep 9, 2016
Odessa/Midland TX
Squishy brakes is NOT normal.
Replace the entire Brake Master Assembly (OEM NEW) and enjoy the brakes for another 200K miles.

These brake master cylinders were originally beyond an average vehicle owners capacity. Now the price has come doen by 50% and is still around $1350.
Oct 21, 2020
There is also a check you can do to see if it's bad before you spend the money to replace it: At about the 4:30 minute mark.

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