Brake Help 96 LX450

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Sep 6, 2004
Moron pulled out in front of me yesterday when I was going about 25 mph. I slammed on the brakes and missed the car by inches. At the next stop sign I put the brakes on and the car proceeded to keep moving at a nice pace. I pulled the emergency brake and barely stopped half way into the intersection.
I can push the pedal down almost all of the way and then feel resistance. I do not have brakes by any means.

Did I blow my master cylinder? shouldnt the emergency brake stop me dead in my tracks? I can pull the lever up almost all of the way before I slowly stop.

Fluid does not seem to be leaking and the reservoir still has brake fuid in it.


Thanks in advance
Im glad you are ok and didnt crash!

First I would look to see if the fluid in your master cylinder is low, that would indicate you are losing fluid somewhere in the system. If your not sure, tow it to a trusted shop and have them check it out and show you what they find.
Howdy! I'd bet that you blew the seals out of the master. I just did the same thing on my Piggy last week. Unless the master is really new, I would not waste time and $$$ on a rebuild. Just replace the whole thing. If you DIY, remember to bench bleed the master before you mount it in the rig. Good Luck. John

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