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Aug 9, 2019
My brake booster is making a hissing sound coming from the brake booster arm. When I press the brake, the sound goes away. Do I need a new brake booster or can I fix the one I got? If so, what are the options? I have a 73 with drum brakes. Not sure if I will ever upgrade to disc brakes.

I think I saw where Mark's Off Road has rebuild kits for pre 76 boosters. Or perhaps I was dreaming:slap:

Racer65 sells a new booster
Rok Auto has one for $125 and $150....I also read about guys using 90s 4runnner ones.

Don't really want to go cheap, and I haven't decided on disc brakes or not.

Any suggestions
I'm using the City Racer unit that @thebigredrocker posted a link for. Quality unit; big improvement over my old stock one, couldn't be happier with it.
I used a 4runner (mid 90s i beleive) unit on my previous 73. If I remember correctly, it mostly bolted up easily. Waaaaay cheaper too.

Edit: just remembered that I had to order a spacer to put between the firewall and booster. I forget where i got it though.
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For my 1980 (front disc) I just ordered from Rock Auto:

It'll be a bit before it gets installed...
Are you sure you want to install the cheapest brake parts on your coveted 1980 FJ40?
If the photo is accurate, that's a single diaphragm booster. Not the right part for front disc. What they're selling is a generic booster. It may interfere with the clutch MC .
How did this end? did the booster work?

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