Bolt question

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Sep 23, 2005
I looked through the nut & bolt thread & couldn't find what I'm wanting, which is a 12mm, 1.5 pitch, 50 mm long. Toyota made one for the FJ40? Want it to bolt down the FJ60 PS box. The smaller bolt head size will make it a lot easier to torque down I'm thinkin'.
Thanks, Vic
Just about all of the vendors in the Nut and bolt thread should carry bolts that size but I would call CDan or your local Toyota dealer. Since it's FJ60 specific how about a local junk yard?
I thought of Toyota, but last night when everything was shut down. I chose the bolt size just because I thought it would be beefy enough and bought them from a little shop run by a couple women. It's just the head size that is out of whack. Anyway, I'll get w/ Toyota today and see what they got. Vic

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