BJ42 Front Suspension Replacement

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Sep 15, 2021
Niagara Region, Ontario
Hello Everyone! First post as a new member!
Recently purchased a BJ42 which needs some work here and there. First thing is replace the front suspension entirely. (There rear will be later, It's fine now) New leaf spring packs, u-bolts, shocks, shackles, bushings and bolts. The front leaf packs look to have been modified/hacked and I want to replace it all with new parts.

1. Where is a good place in Canada to source OME suspension parts/kits? I live in Niagara Region, Southern Ontario.
2. Running 33x10.5R15 and want to maintain same ride height or just slightly higher. I assume 1.5" or 2" lift will maintain similar ride height?
3. Every where I look for parts only references the FJ40. Is the suspension the same between the FJ and BJ 40 series? I assume that it is.
4. Is there much difference in weight between the I6 gasser and I4 coal burner? Should I worry about sag or heavy duty option leaf packs? I don't want to knock my teeth out when I go out for a ride either...

Any and all advice accepted. I'm a long time first gen pick-up and 4runner owner now converted to the LC world. ;)

82 BJ 40.jpg
What year there is a difference if it’s a 42 it must be a 79 or later large spring eye. There’s a few Canadian vendors around , got any pics of your front springs ?
Believe the BJ42 started 8/80 same time springs changed in the 40 series. Looks all 8/80+ 40 series shared the same front springs except the FJ45 and HJ47. Those would assume are heavier for the 2H.

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