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I have a copy of the B/2B Factory Engine manual here:
I actually need this Manuel. How do I go about copying it as a PDF?.
Thanks for posting it up.
How about any material that would speak to the glow plug system in the 1980 BJ40?

Many years ago I drove a 78 diesel in Costa Rica. Even on very hot days , 38-40 C I had to use the glow plugs to start. Key backwards until the little element got red.
Although the system on the 1980 seems the same, the indicator element does not even get warm after 6-10 seconds. Yet the engine starts right up.
also... what is the "click" sound 12 seconds after the key is turned to the run position/

Thanks a lot.
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be carefull

the bj40 can have 24 v or 12v
there is two voltage for the glow plug 12v and 24 v

for 24v
19850-56012 20.5V , R value 1.2 ohm ( 20.5v because there in serie the glow controler)
after : Toyota 19850-68040 and ND 67100-1360 20.5V , R cold value 1.2 ohm
same glow plug 24v :
NGK Y-178T
Denso DG235
Bosch GPT207
champion CH122

for 12v

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