birfield pics

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Jan 5, 2005
Rogersville, Mo.
Replacing seals in my front end and I find this on my birfield cage. Almost same spot on each opening. Not same size chip though.

Time for new ones..... I went with RCV from Slee. Nice and quiet and tight now. I do very little offroad, so not a big deal to me to have the ultimate Birf's..... And I didn't get the shiny ones. I got the less expensive black ones. Just don't forget to remove and reinstall the ABS sensor rings from your old Birf's to the new ones..... I know because I now don't have ABS, but my light works!
Ive never rebuilt my birfields, and am going to soon, subbed to bump and see where this goes. 100% amateur opinion....Thats not good
What would cause that?! A lateral blow to the wheel, like sliding into a curb wheel face first with the wheel turned full lock? Was it making any noises? Crazy...
No sure what caused it. I have done multiple rebuilds on several 80's and a couple of 60's. Whats interesting to me is that its the same on each opening all the way around. Almost the same spot but slightly different sizes.
Are both birfs damaged like that or just one side? Just curious here.
Don't know. Just in the process of doing the drivers side as it had the seal go. I am going to check the steering limit bolts today when it warms up.
No, that's not a lateral blow. That's from turning tight and accelerating. As the Birf's wear, that's part of the "clicking" you start to hear. The clicking is quiet outside, but if you were in there with it, it is very violent as they stick and release.

Definitely check your steering stop bolts. Adjust per FSM.

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