binaryaudax's 0b101111 Build Log

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Sep 17, 2019
Laguna Beach, CA
To date, I've put most of my build progress and updates in the "What did you do today" thread, but I figured a dedicated thread would be less clutter -- especially for routine things like maintenance.

Some prior changes I've made to the GX:
  • Toyota Grey TRD Pro 17x7 wheels with 265/70 Cooper Discovery
  • Bilstein 5100 shocks all around
  • Removed the OEM airbags in the rear, and replaced them with Dobinson OEM-height springs
  • Replaced the front springs with Moog (for a 4Runner so they seem to be sagging a bit -- going to replace them with Dobinsons C59-296 for 1" of lift)
  • Prospeed roof rack
  • Nash Fab Co rear ladder
  • Android 10" Tesla-style screen Removed
  • Non-navigation climate control conversion with Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX double-DIN head unit
Yesterday, as part of my budget-sound quality audio build (and removal of the ML system), I finished building a mounting platform and bracket to hide a mono subwoofer amplifier in the OEM Mark Levinson (ML) subwoofer location.

Lets see more pictures of your build here.
I really didn't want to mount my audio gear under the seats or in the cargo area so I gutted the defunct CD changer above the glove box and used the frame as a mount for a JBL 4086 8-channel amplifier/DSP. I sandwiched a layer of 1/4" ABS between the metal frame and the amplifier to give it something sturdier to mount to.


Audio build is still in progress but I finished the passenger rear door today... 6.75" woofer, sound deadening, fabric taped all the OEM wires, ran new 16awg speaker wire through the door grommet, changed the LEDs on the window control and door handle to blue, and wrapped the wood with the same faux carbon fiber wrap I've used elsewhere.


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