Big Gay 80 build

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Jun 13, 2003
The Big Gay 80 is getting bigger and gayer. My goal is to create the ugliest Gay 80 ever.

XZLs arrived today 38.5" x 11"...... real height none of that swamper 37" that really means 35" BS for the Big Gay 80!
Oh yeah, the Big Gay 80 has 265 15 on it to roll it around the shop but it also has a 4" J lift. I think there might be some issues.
is that Super Sam?
The mighty 3FE is not scared. Through the miracle of gearing we will be just fine; slow, but just fine.
Them tires is cool Brother ... thinkin' on a set of 'em for The Big Ol' Dodge. :cool:

Forgot how gay your Junk is ... been so damn long since we've seen it. :flipoff2: :flipoff2:

You figure on runnin' the Ty-ota axles or goin' 1-ton??

OEM axles of course.

I got the hook up on the tires.
I said OEM not stock
I might have to write a big gay poem 'bout that rig...
so who's gay?
so who's gay?

Most all 80 Series are gay

Butch is not gay but he collects PICs of gay men

Nolen and Clutchee are not gay; they just like the way it feels

Mark is not gay, at least I dont think so, but he is from California so all bets are off.
Driving a TJ ain't gay, it's just girlified.

I guess that makes Kowboy the kettle and me the pot! :flipoff2:
Got the FF in the shop today.....anyone got any DOM tube?
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