BFG A/T KO2 and Goodyear Duratrac tested in Snow, Ice, and slush

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Jan 8, 2015
I was able to test both of these tires, thanks to my friends at Belle Tire. I originally had the Goodyear Duratracs installed and used them for a few days. They were amazing on the packed snow and ice, on slush they seemed to channel the water very well. On dry pavement they were noisy, much more so than my old michillins. I took them off and installed the bfg at ko2, the KO2 were much quieter on dry pavement, but were so much worse on the packed snow and ice. They seemed about the same on powder and slush. I did hydroplane a little once, but don't know if that was the tires fault as I didn't have as bad of slush when I first used the duratracs. I really wanted to love the BFG at ko2's, but switched back to the duratracs this AM. I was going to try the General Grabber at2, but couldn't find a buyer for them in case I still liked the duratracs better and needed to sell them.

I tested these tires, 285/75/16 on a stock 2000 LC.
I have the duratracs on my 80, and the grabber at2 on my tundra and my wife's hundred series. I haven't had the 80 on the snow yet with the new tires....I need to fix a broken birf. I will say, I do love the grabber at2 as they get me up and down my dirt, mile long driveway consistently...
My folks just bought a Sequoia and it needed new tires badly, so I bought them a set of General Grabber AT2s. My mom has driven my 100 with Duratracs and couldn't believe how well they did in the snow, so I'm looking forward to a comparison between the Generals and DTs. I'm still considering the 295/75/16 ATKO2s when they arrive depending on cost and overall tire height (want to go bigger but not a full 35).

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