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Jun 23, 2006
Charlotte North Carolina
Has anyone ever done any type of soft top type cover that essentially covers the bed of their 40 and then comes up the back and over the roll bar to serve as an actual overhead top for the driver and passenger only? Or just snaps down and covers the bed and maybe could be used in conjunction with a bikini or SOR extreme summer top? Pics if anyone has them would be awesome.
dang! I thought someone out there would have made a soft touneau cover for that back area before. No one?
I know that Bestop makes one for a jeep.
I was looking for the same thing a while back with no luck.
i was guessing that a specialty top compan that makes boat covers could do it but i wanted a little bit of an idea if anyone had ever tried it. Oh well i guess when i find someone to agree to it i will share.
I just saw this on craigslist in NH...seems like what you are asking about...but I don't think it fully covers the bed...


1977 Toyota FJ40
Yep that is the SOR summer xtreme top. I want to do something like that combined with the bed cover.
I used to have bed covers for my pick ups built by a local guy who did convertible tops and upolstery. Totally custom, but easy for them. Check around, I am sure someone could do it for a few hundred. Side note, we used velcro, so no extra holes in the body.
I deal with a tonneau company that does custom sizes for me. The finished product usually comes with framework to clamp to the top of the bed, but I'm sure they'd just sell the vinyl part of it. Right now they are restructuring and 6-8 weeks before they make anything. I'm not sure if they could do the bed, back and roof in 1 piece but it would be interesting if they could. I don't know if it'd be worth it as they use the snaps to attach which means alot of little holes to drill in the truck.
I had some old vinyl tonneaus I was going to cut up to sew my own cover for the cherokee I had cut the rear section of roof out.

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