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Mar 8, 2011
KC, MO Area (again)
With the cost of maps going up, is anyone using any apps for navigation, off road? I'm considering back country navigator.
Back Story: We (wife kids and I) went to Yellowstone last summer. It was a great trip, other than the distance to and from Yellowstone. So I got to looking for something closer to MO that had similar attractions as Yellowstone.

When SammyT08FJ started talking about the Ozark Overland Challenge

I got to looking south. The wife was intrigued, so we are heading to the Ozark National Forest this summer.

She put me in charge of the entire trip, to include what we are going to be doing once we get there. Yes. Wheeling will be on the list “to do”. The plan is to camp in various sites and take the trails between campsites in the 80. To do that I need maps. US Forest or DNR or AR State Parks or whoever has great maps (x3 to get the entire area we are heading to), but when printed on an 8.5”x11”, ya can’t see a thing. I could make them bigger with the plotter at work but that would be stealing. Not going to lose 20 years over maps. I could take the .pdf s to a Kinkos or Office Max and have them printed, at $15 a shot ($45.00).

That brings me back around to digital map navigation app/programs and wondering if anyone is using them, what they are using and how do you like them?
Kudos to you, this says a lot about your character.

...that would be stealing. Not going to lose 20 years over maps.

If you really want a printed version, a simple solution would be to talk to the boss man about printing them on the work printers. Probably won't hurt to ask.


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