Axle gear preferences

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Apr 20, 2005
not the" no", but the F-no CA
I hate to beat a dead horse, :doh: but I gotta ask what guys are doing. I know it usually recommended ( at least around here) to use 4.88s or 5.29s with 35s and a six cylinder. But I can't trailer my rig so I need some kind of highway performance too. I will be installing an SM420 in front of my "3spd" case and doing gears soon to get my rig back on the road. I am running a rebuilt 2F, basically stock with 35's and SOA. Will my 2F push this thing to 70 mph with 4.56s? I just hate the idea of spinning 3,200 rpm or more just to hit the speed limit. By the way, I will have a saginaw to compliment my disk brakes before you have to worry about me racing in to you on the highway.
I run a 2f with 4.88's and 37" MTR's . 70mph is not that hard to hit . I say if your going to spend the money then do it once.If you are planning on or even thinking of a little bigger tire then just go 4.88 .If you are happier with your rig and gearing after the 420 maybe 4.56's are for you .
Are you going to stay with 35" tires?

Can you really say that you will not EVER go with a larger tire?

Re-gearing after a Re-gear is simply wasting money AND time.

Go 4:88's and be done with it.

I have not met anyone that is SO, that kept the 35s.....

Be the first! :)

Good luck!


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