- 1982 troop carrier - not mine

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I almost think scam becuase it was well north of 12k before...
x 3!

Too good to be true, and the description sounds similar to that of the one that I was contemplating awhile back that turned out to be a scam.
Sorry to perpetuate a scam.

Seem to be lots of scams for trucks now a days. Don't folks check these out before hand? Found a cruiser in KC last week, he emailed me telling me it is in alaska, and would have it shipped. I requested a pre purchase inspect from a yota dealer, and he responded with paypall instructions or some such. I dropped it right there.
I tried...

to get an FJ60 from a guy in Sacramento. Clean clean clean, no rust, BUT, he was really hesitant to take it to a mech b/c he said, 'well they're gonna tell you things are wrong if you take it to one of them'

?????? No kidding? Then I'm going to have a tough time driving from Sac to Nebraska huh?

'Nope. I'd bet you could drive to NY and back'

I'd really like to have a mech look at it to make sure it'll make the trip. THAT's when he started pressuring me about paypal.
I called the phone number in Miami listed in AutoTrader.
Surprise! It's not a working number.

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