Apron emblem hole pattern

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Aug 28, 2015
Well, I think I may have made a costly error. The aprons on my 77 FJ40 were pretty beat up, so I sourced some replacements. They were from a different year. I just got them back from paint and realized the emblem hole pattern is different. No big deal, I will just get the proper emblems from that year. But, the apron looks like it has two more holes closer to the cowl that I cnt figure out what they are for. Possibly a reflector? I saw a reflector mounted in a similar place in a google picture. Also, the fender mount is a little different, but I think that I can make that work (I hope). I will check it against the fender tomorrow.

My painted apron (unknown year):


My original 77 apron. Disregard the two holes toward the grill, the PO had an aftermarket light mounted there.


I am thinking of welding up all the holes, repainting, and drilling new holes for the proper year emblems. Assuming the fender mount will work. Education is costly.

Those are Early to 1970 aprons; there is a an amber reflector that uses those two holes.

They will mount to any year fender just fine.
They also use the early style metal emblems on the apron, I think 72 and older. They also lack the holes for the amber side lights used from the early 70's til the large blinker with sidelight came out in 75.
Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help. I went back out and looked at them again. Only one side has those two extra holes (reflector) and it feels like they are not factory drilled. I am going to get the two small holes filled and respray one apron. I actually like the look of the old style apron emblems better than the newer ones.

I also noticed that the early aprons do not have captured threads or the mount for the hood rubber bumper.
Early emblems are the biz!

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