Apple Hill 4x4 working on the 40

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Aug 7, 2005
Milesburg, PA
Have any of you guys had work done here? Don't the norry boys, zucruiser & bro maybe their dad, work there? Not sure how much experience they have with old land cruisers but their work is awsome. My 40 is there now, had a shackle reversal and the frame straightened already and going to have them do a paint job and some other things as well. Custom front driveshaft, new ujoints in rear, new TREs, lower and tweak the suspension an inch or so, maybe some new shocks. Should handle much better when its done and look great with a quality paint job. Getting it a little more highway friendly and ready for some truck shows maybe :hillbilly: I've been thinking of just getting an 80 series but decided to just invest in the 40 instead since I really don't plan on ever getting rid of it. Can't wait to get back and see how it turns out!
dont work there, never have, and never will:lol:

thats the first good word i've ever heard about them, I guess they may be good with normal service work, but i've seen some of their custom fab work and it's usually a joke:rolleyes:

good luck, and from the stories i've heard get ready to bend over when you get the bill:flipoff2:
Really dude? I could have sworn you were the one that told me about apple hill in the first place. Anyways they're giving me a discount since I'm deployed. Not really any fab work involved besides the front drive shaft and relocating shackle hangers in the back if they have to after they put shorter ones on. I already had the shackle reversal kit from CCOT all they had to do was weld it in place. As far as the paint goes my dad said their work looked great and it sounds like they're going to do a solid job. I should stop by your place when I get back, maybe you could help me spring over the 62 at least with any welding.
For sure! I'd like to meet up with you sometime and have a couple cold ones. Ever been to the Hilltop? Pretty close to Mooresburg which I grew up just outside of. I'll be back sometime around the end of the year, I really want to check out your Cruggy too! Have you taken it to Rausch?
Haven't been there, but that's not far from me at all. The buggy's been to Rausch a few times, can't beat how close it is.

Drop me/us a note when you get back... Till then - move out and draw fire!
nope definitely wasn't me that suggested apple hill, as far as local shops go I would've suggested EMS offroad, I've known eric for awhile now and have always been impressed with what he does, and plus dom just started working there:lol:

definitely let me know when you're back in the area, there's usually beers in the fridge if you want to stop by:beer:

and if ya do then you can check out the latest version of my buggy:grinpimp:

Here is the truck after the shackle reversal. Front end is sitting a little high but will level it out with some shorter shackles. Should track a little straighter too with the truck pulling the front axle instead of pushing it. Want to throw away those junk shocks that came with the lift and put some bilsteins on. I'll post some mo pix when the paint is done and as my dad sends them my way. :bounce:
That buggy is looking sick! Turned out they wanted an arm and a leg to paint the whole truck. There was several "hitches" in the first quoted price vs. what they wanted later. So I had them stop work after the undercoating was done, which they had to re-do after they fuct it up the first time. Won't be dealing with them any more needless to say. My dad says the truck rides much nicer now with the shackle reversal tho. I still need to fix the minor rust starting on the doors and bib. I ended up giving one of the 62s to my younger brother too, he's just started springing it over. Should be outta this damn country on or around Nov 1st. I'll let you all know when I'm back in the area. I'm throwing a little party after I get out for good too down at my pond Jan. 21st you guys are all invited for some good clean fun. :beer::beer::beer: Also got myself a sweet deal on a six speed '98 Firebird Formula WS6... LS1! The car actually cost me half what crapple hill wanted for a damn paint job lol :grinpimp:
ws6.jpg for all things f-body - it's a local group of chevy guys.

LS1 is a great motor.. 350 rear wheel HP with bolt ons, and a little over 400 with stock LS6 heads and a cam.. gotta love it.

My '98..
Nice T/A! Those rims and the black paint look sharp. I'm not gonna lie I'm just as excited to get back and drive the new Formula as I am the 40. Maybe even a little more. The car came with front shock tower braces, sub frame connectors, after market anti sway bars and traction bars in the back, Flowmaster cat back, and a K&N filter. I got an SLP lid, a set of long tube headers, and a Tick Performance master cylinder kit. After I get all the parts installed the PCM is getting sent to Frost for a tune.
There's a shop in Pine Grove that's VERY reasonable for dyno tunes (~$300 IIRC) and he's quickly becoming the tuner of choice for our group. stump's garage.. The owner (Ryan) knows his s***, and is really personable.

Dyno tunes really pull the best out of the car, and are safer to boot. It's the only way to go really.

Guy on the motor city forum has a black powdercoated LS6 intake manifold available too.. that's another good mod for ya :)

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