Anyone want to Re-spool their winch?

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Sep 20, 2014
Victoria BC
So I'm looking to get a new wire rope for my winch, as mine is fraying and is shorter than I'd like.
I can get a 250' spool but only need 150'.

If you don't know where I'm going with this yet, you shouldn't have a winch anyways....

So who wants 100' of brand new 5/16" galvanized 7X19 wire rope for about $50? Supply a hook and I can have it properly crimped for you free of charge. First come first serve

Well, If it were me I'd keep it on a loop in the floor of my truck for those expeditions when trees are far away.
Like the extra 150' loop I carry when I go to the Yukon. Cause sometimes 300' still isn't enough. Hell, I got
stuck up the Fraser Canyon in May, and if I'd have my extra 150' I wouldn't have had to dig for 2 1/2 hrs like I did.
Moral of this is, sometimes being ready isn't.
I'm not as Hardcore as you Jon haha, basically, I'm getting this at a wholesale Tate from my dad and don't mind throw-in it out there for someone else :) I have 2 recovery straps at all times. The extra 50ft plus the 150 on the winch should be enough for what I get myself into.

That being said if there aren't any takers who are keen on the option then I'll get and extra hook and carry a 100' cable in the back!

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