Anyone Replaced MAF with Python Brand?

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Apr 23, 2007
San Diego, CA
Has anyone used the Python Brand MAF? {$page_title}

My Truck has been throwing OBD code P0171. My IAT is reading 140F when the engine is stone cold. I'm not sure if its the MAF, harness, or ECU. Im borrowing a known good MAF on Tuesday to test. I have looked into LANDTANKs MAF upgrade and am concerned being in CA that I might have issues passing SMOG, which is part of the reason I'm doing all this, it was due in March.

The only time I read customer reports on the Python, I believe 27 people responded. 26 of them said "do not buy this thing, it does not work", and I believe one young high school drop-out was absolutely thrilled with his Python?????
if you are getting any reading at all from the IAT then it's probably not a wiring issue. The FSM has a detailed trouble shooting guide as to the Ohm value of the IAT sensor to actual temperature. You could double check your sensor against that chart to be sure.

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