Anyone know what this screw is?

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Jul 4, 2020
New Jersey/NYC
So I was working on my 200 today, and I noticed a screw that seems to be missing a nut down at the bottom of the engine compartment, in between the engine itself and the battery.

I'm wondering if it's okay as it is or if the mechanic who installed my winch might have inadvertently forgotten to replace a nut.

Calling on the collective wisdom of this forum! Thanks, guys!

mystery screw.jpg
Don't know what it is, but it looks the same on my 2020 model that has only been seen by the dealer for the 6 months service.

OK, same on my 2013, but does anyone know why this fitting is there or what it is for?

As stated earlier, I'm clueless. However, a guess might involve LHD vs RHD and the need to secure something related to things that are swapped side to side in the change from left handed to right handed driving.

I tried to find a good look at an engine compartment for RHD models, but there either aren't any (unlikely) or I suck at searching (highly likely).
it looks like its part of a wire harness retaining bracket toyota will use the same part in multiple markets to cut down on cost. the stud is proabably used for something thats not available or offered in the us market

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