Another Wheel Spacer question.

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Apr 2, 2004
Raleigh, NC (Outside the Beltline!!)
Bought some rims and were told they were 3.75" backspacing so i figured I'd get some 1/4" wheel spacers. Well now I got the tires mounted and everything is ready to go on and I just happen to check the backspacing....4". So now I need 1/2" spacers and instead of putting in longer studs, I'm toying with the 1" bolt on spacers. Will this have a big visual effect on the rear if I don't run spacers back there? I don't want it to look like chit?
me also . no spacer
my 70 fj40 needed 1/4 in. spacers with 3.75 BS and there was no room for wheel weights , the rims rubbed a hole in the tre boot. I liked it , if the steering arms were loose a hair you would feel and hear the tre draging.
I tried it with the Rim and there is definite rubbage going on. So much that it was scrapping the paint off the wheel where the tre was hitting it. I might be able to get by with 1/4". I think i might get some washers and stack them to 1/4" and put the wheel on and see what happens.
IMO the cheapest fix and fastest and safest is just to get hi-steer arms and rods. Luke at 4x4Labs is good. Check e-bay also.
Hi All:

I've run two different sets of 15 wheels that had 4.0 inch backspacing, and they will fit fine without spacers, though they will rub in the rear if the suspension is really flexy.

Forget the spacers in the front! Do a front disc brake conversion to solve the problem!


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