Another head gasket thread.

Jun 21, 2022
1994 FJZ80 with 300k miles.

Blackstone report shows no water or fuel in the oil.
Compression test was around 165psi give or take 5 for all cylinders.
Oil registers visually clean to confirm the above analysis.
White/blue(more white) smoke upon startup and throughout various RPMs at operating temp.
Spits out a good amount of orange(radiator was flushed with pink coolant) tinted fluid through the exhaust.
Coolant level does not go down even after driving for 200-300 miles.
Coolant shows bubble with the radiator cap off but does not bubble in the reservoir tank with cap on.
Coolant has a slight orange tint but the bubbles are pink(flush showed clean pink going in and out).
Block tester yielded a slight tint(teal but close to blue).

I would feel five times better if it wasn't for the coolant coming out from the exhaust but this is a classic case of a headgasket, right?
Jan 8, 2012
I’m thinking the orange fluid from the exhaust is just rusty condensation. If it was coolant, it would likely be burned off. I agree with @Saito on the smoke.

The tint in the coolant is also likely a bit of rust.

I’d say there really aren’t any signs that you’ve got a HG problem, barring the bubbles. But if your level isn’t dropping, it’s not burning or leaking then… 🤷‍♂️
Jan 12, 2016
the bubbles when the cap is off can also be from the vibration of the motor running etc.

as mentioned above, keep an eye on the coolant level & pull the spark plugs to have a look at their burn pattern

that being said, my HG went right on 480 thou km which is 300 thou miles and also had oil consumption from leaky valve stem seals prior to it going. all good now 5 years later :)

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