another brake thread..

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Jan 25, 2007
Lincoln, CA
alright so basically this is a diagnostic problem.. it go dark so I can grab pictures tomorrow if it makes it easier

i thought i was going to be ready for a test drive around the block... i started up the engine and stepped on the brakes after bleeding the new MC and three of four wheels.. (the PO or someone rounded the bleeder screw on front left wheel.. any ideas on that one?)

The brake pedal went only as far as it would with the engine off it seemed and then after a lot more pressure on the pedal it finally broke through some unseen barrier and pushed further to the floor.. something clogging?? booster issue? (i tested the booster before bleeding the lines and it worked fine..) anyways after that i pushed the pedal down again and had great pressure did it once again and heard some noise.. then i thought o **** bad booster but it was a hissing sound after a few more pumps... to make a long story short.. I have come to find that i lost all of the fluid in my rear lines out the right rear wheel. I still have drum brakes and it is coming out of both of the lines attached to the furthest back wheel cylinder

would you say this is an issue with the cylinder or with the lines coming out the back.. i havn't had a chance to take everything apart but it looked like all the fluid leaked out the back.. the lines are really rusted but the fluid had come out of where the threads screw in.. not out of the lines themselves. any ideas?
I'm sure when you disassemble and analyze it you will see where it's leaking from. My bet is that you busted a line. Better now than on you test drive!
Yeah, bet you figure the leak out once you see it in the light. If not post some pictures & we can take a stab at it.

As for the rounded off bleeder screw, should be able to solve this with a pair of needle nose Vice Grips. Use the Vice Grips for the bleeding process also. Or momentairly switch a screw from another cyl. (won't lose enough fluid to worry about). Then order a new one from Cdan.

HTH John
You could also look into speed bleeders once you take off that stubborn rounded out bleeder, do a quick search function and I'm sure you'll be surprised, at least I was. As for your question in regards to the lines or the cylinder, I would definitely change out all of those old tried out break lines. Although, I haven't had a cylinder go out on my rig, I sure wouldn't pass that option up and possibly rebuilt them as well. Check out Coolermans' site (kudos to this guy too)
A lot of useful Cruiser knowledge...

Once all is done , Good Cruise'N
cool thanks guys.... i think its probably just the lines.. and since they should be replaced anyways im going to go that route before buying new wheel cylinders/rebuilding them.. I just need this rig up and running for an 80 mile trip home.. so i'm not looking to restore anything quite yet

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