Andrew's new front bumper

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Apr 23, 2010
Kamloops, BC
A teaser pic from Jason. Mine will be slightly different in the winch area, as the one in this pic is built for an aftermarket winch. Mine will be more inset in the bumper and covered on the top section. It'll also have some bar work up top, CB ant, foglight and wire riser mounts.


Very nice. Great lines. I like it.
nice werk....

so how much is that going to cost you to have someone build a bumper for you??

no fun in it if you dont build it yourself...
nice werk....

so how much is that going to cost you to have someone build a bumper for you??

no fun in it if you dont build it yourself...

Yeah, he does awesome work. His prices are on the website... and hey, I do what I can. For a guy with an 8 month old baby, full time job, small assortment of tools and little mechanical knowledge. For stuff I do myself, I usually rely on help and advice from friends (big thanks to Cam in particular) and have no issue saying they save my day! :beer:
touchy.... my kid is three and i am only allowed friday nights to work on my junk.. so thats why i am going into year two on this 40... :wrench:

comparing if you want...
it's like the millenium falcon, but slower.

hey, we could start a thread on cruisers vs kids, ie, which bits the little one put together, what they dunked their hands in, how much grief from momma has been levelled at us, etc.

i would love to build and learn everything myself, as I never learned how to do any of this as a youth. the amount i've learned from clubs is huge. the amount i've learned to be patient and not take any more time away from the kids is significant too. hence me only just getting this 60 going!

No, I don't want to compare... and yes, touchy. It seemed like a douchy comment. I'm all excited about my new bumper and want to share with my friends, so I post on here then you make a comment like that.

I'm sure there's a lot of things you enjoy that you don't build yourself, unless you're a jack of every single trade.
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sand in the vag... hah...
Hey, that looks great -will look killer on your rig! Looks like a flying demon!! Hope it scares the fawk out of some of the local teetotalers :steer:
That is some serious nice work, I like without the hoops, but you need a place for the cooler:beer:

Well, since the teaser pic went up here, I might as well send a shot of the finished product. Sans winch. An 8274 will be filling the hole rather nicely.
gee, you'd think you guys would get along better....:flipoff2:

hell, if I still had my 80 I'd consider buying a bumper that nice, and my ancestors invented copper wire while fighting over a penny...

Yur funny tator tot:cheers:

I now work at metal supermarket, we have a shear and access to a big ass bender for the right price, so I might endevour to build my self a bumper....

Although very very nice work....

Recently purchased 7x series skid plate off Jason was awesome to deal with and has top notch customer service which is rare these days! :clap: He was prompt with my order, had the piece in stock, and even hooked me up with mud-shipping the skid plate to Victoria via his brother who visits the island often!!!:clap::clap::clap: Product arrived in timely order and skid plate is as beautiful as pictured/promised with NEW hardware as nice suprise for some! :hillbilly:

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