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Oct 30, 2004
Sacramento, CA
can somebody get me a quick picture of their stock alternator? One of my wires fell out and I never realized it until my truck didn't start today :eek: if it helps, there are three wires, one is loose, and there is one connected to each bolt that they head towards. Is there supposed to be two wires coming out from underneath the cover? Thanks for the help!
You might get some help if you elaborated a little on what you're working on. FJ, VJ, BJ, ?????
dgangle said:
You might get some help if you elaborated a little on what you're working on. FJ, VJ, BJ, ?????
It's just a quess. but I'm going out on a limb and saying he's working on a 76FJ40, H41,Orion, 33's, no flex but two tons o fun!
Not sure what wires and bolts he's having trouble with exactly though.:cheers:
Good call Fiji. But I think that I have got it figured out now. I found my manual and that helped out a little. Unfortunately, it was one of the wires that goes into the plug, and the part that holds it is broken. Thanks though.
All of the wires going to the side marker lights and many other things on my 40 are in bad shape just right where they connect to components. The sheath of the wires has gotten pulled back just slightly and they are corroded and all in various stages of breaking. The best solution I have thought of would be to pull them all apart, solder a new wire lead in place of the old, and then pack around it with this aircraft epoxy sealant I have a tube of. The stuff only has a pot life of like two hours, and it's a one shot deal so I am going to look around the truck and see what else needs similar repairs, try to set aside a saturday and knock em all out. Maybe something along those lines would help you out to. If it goes well I start a thread and detail it, if not I'll pretend it never happened and not say anything!

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