ALCA T-shirts Ordering

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Craig put it up in another post,but I'm gonna put it here too. I haven't recieved any mail orders for the t-shirts. I'm starting to feel lonely. I know how the cool kids like to wait till the last minute howerver I would hate for anyone to miss the dead line for ordering. So get off your butts and send me some order forms and checks.
Ok, RaceFanMartin bucked up for a couple of shirts. The way I figure it you need one for wrenching, one to wheel with and one just to wear cause your a proud ALCA Member. You have about 20 days left. Don't make me embarass you at the next meeting.;) Ofcourse all those that ordered are immune to the chastise.:beer:
TTT... we need these orders in ASAP :shotts: (always wanted to use that smiley;) )

Need ordering forms? Color chart? Plan to order but are delayed for some reason... PM or email me, let's get them in! Thanks!
been off for a while anyways how much for shirt deal
Saturday was the last day for me to receive orders and cash for t-shirts and stickers. The rest of the money will be deposited on monday and the orders will be sent to Craig. Thanks to those that preordered. We will have extra shirts printed for those that didn't order and those that want to buy another.
Thanks again,
Shirts and stickers are in:cool:

I am looking at shipping them so whoever preordered, just expect a package USPS unless you want to PM me and let me know you'll get them at the PIGRUN!!!!!

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