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Apr 19, 2009
Bealeton, Virginia
So we will be in the market for a replacement truck/suv in the next few weeks and I have my eyes on a few different models. One of which is the T100. I found one for $3800 with 222k miles on it. Is this too much for this mileage? From what I understand, the motors in them cna go to 400k+ ? Am I mistaken? What are some things to look out for/check/ ask for maintenance receipts of? Finally, EPA highway is 18 for these, can anyone attest to this? Maybe some real world MPG?

Thanks :wrench:
I just bought a '95 T100 x-cab 4x4 with 3.4l v-6 and manual tranny back in January. I drove it to Colorado from Wyoming and got around 21 mpg. The truck was stock with new tires (31 x 10.5r15 BF Goodrich Mud T/A's). It's been in colorado for the last few months getting 'improved'. I wasn't looking for a truck but fell into this deal. The more I learn, the more I love this thing. Give us a few details of what your looking at....

1998 Toyota T100 That is the one I was looking at. Emailed them and haven't heard back. I'm looking more for an SUV but all the 4runners that are in our price range don't have the airbags and have the 3.0...not trying to inheret head gasket problem or anything...
With toyota's, if they've been maintained well, mileage is not a huge concern. From the listing, it looks clean. I'm new to the 'T100's but the rust would seem to be more of a concern. Let us know how you make out!

Here's my '95 T100. ARB's (front/rear), OME lift 2", AlCan custom rear springs, Aisin front hub conversion. I'll start with bumpers/rock sliders/bed add-on's next.
I have had my T100 for a long time. I know it backwards, forwards inside and out. I would be happy to take a look at this one or any other you are interested in and give you a good evaluation of its issues.

Ah thanks for the offerm the people never got back to me. We picked up a 98 pathfinder instead (i know i know) but it was in excellent shape with lots of receipts and low miles. And a 5 speed :grinpimp: Haven't driven yet, but I bet it won't be like the FJ60 :wrench:

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