Adjustable Rear Panhard Bar How To

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Sep 23, 2004
After some interest at the last meeting I've decided to show how I made my rear panhard bar adjustable. I only have pictures of the finished product since I didn't think I'd be writing this up.


Here are the parts with direct URL's to the retailers I ordered from.

3/4-16 RH 1-1/4 X .120 chrome-moly threaded tube adapters
The Chassis Shop part number C73-946-2
3/4"-16, 6"L, Fully Threaded Grade 8 Bolt
McMaster-Carr part number 92620A881
3/4-16 Grade 8 Nut x2
McMaster-Carr part number 93827A267 pack of 10 OR locally, Fastenal might sell you just two like they did for me.

First the head of the bolt will need to be cut off, unless you can find a 6 inch grade 8 threaded rod. Then cut a 3 inch section out of the panhard bar, 6 inches from one end. The inner seam on the panhard bar will need to be ground down with a dremel tool or such. Then the adapters should go in with some light pressure. Weld and you're done. With welding and parts it should cost about $50.

Make sure to thread the rod into each adapter end for full engagment. Then adjust bar to length, install on truck and tighten the two jam nuts.

Following these instructions there will be only about 1/4" or less of threads showing when adjusted. I wanted more threads to show so I cut more out of the panhard bar. It could be argued as weaker but I think it looks cool and there is still plenty of rod threaded into each adjuster. :cheers:
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thanks for this!
Im gonna check see if they have these at alamo bolt and screw.
Yep Slee's adjusters a very very nice and well worth the price. I used them for the front bar and the rear axle upper control arms. I had found this rear bar solution some years ago online but I cannot seem to find it again. You guys are lucky I keep ALL of my reciepts, otherwise I'd have no way of remembering what size adapters, rod, etc. to use.
Went by Alamo today and they do not carry a fully threaded bolt needed but they do have the nuts, which they gave to me free. :)
I am going to order the bolt and adapters soon, does anybod else want one?
Do you remember how much legnth you cut out? I ended up cutting 4.5 inches out so i could see at least .75 inches of thread, hope it works :)
ill post up some pics from my current progress on, should have started from the beginning.

Now that im looking around i didnt even think about ordering parts for the front rod....dammit.
Do you remember if the front ph uses the same size hardware?
Its been a year... Everything still ok?
I would like to do the same was it hard? Also I notice u used 8 grade fine thread would that be better than course? Please advise

What is the advantage of doing this?
Its been a year... Everything still ok?
I would like to do the same was it hard? Also I notice u used 8 grade fine thread would that be better than course? Please advise

Everything has been fine for two years now but my 80 just sets in the garage. There is no way that there should be any issues with this setup. If you can find coarse thread adapters and a matching rod cool but I bet you can not. These parts are not just anything you can pickup at the hardware store. Following the links I posted because that will be the simplest and cheapest. I assure you.


What is the advantage of doing this?

With the coil spring setup on the 80, the rear panhard bar keeps the axle centered underneath the truck. When you lift the rear, the bar moves at an angle that shifts the axle off center. The adjuster will re-center the axle with the new lifted hight. There are more pros and cons but that is the principle of the adjusters.
Ive had mine done for at least 10k miles and no problems...its been wheeled also. A good, effective and inexpensive mod necessary for larger lifts for sure!
thx so much I'll let y'all know how it goes
1 other Q do any of y'all have body lifts? I put a 1" and had a few little things I was wondering about.
Finally got around to getting this done. Worked out excellent! Ordered everything from list, and went to it. Measured mine 6" down and cut 4.5" out. There was still plenty of thread into rod ends, and with as light weight as the stock bar is, I could imagine that section is the strongest part of the bar. If I have any issues with this I will post back up. DSCN2470.jpg
Awesome idea....I know what I'll be doing next weekend :)
Bringing back this thread but how did you know how much to adjust? How do you measure so that the diff is centered? Where did you measure?

When I put my kit on, I measured from the frame in the wheel well to the tire on each side to see how far off the frame was relative to the axle. I then used big ratchet strap to move the frame to one side until I got equal measurements on both sides. It then adjusted my panhard bar and installed it.

Anyone know if someone has made their own set of upper rear control arms adjustable? Tks.

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