AC fan quit working

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Dec 21, 2006
spring, tx.
Tried to turn on the ac fan on on the way to work and the fan didn't blow at any speed from low to high. The buttons are lighting up and RPMs increase when I hit any of the speeds but no blow. I checked the 10A fuse at the dash and it looks good. The AC has been working fine (new OEM compressor, clutch, expansion valve x 1 year ago). Just recently I've noticed a slight noise from the vents when fan was on low(light knocking noise). I've searched and found numerous threads on cleaning the fan and threads about fan working at intermittent speeds but couldn't find anything on my specific problem. Does this sound like I'll be replacing the fan motor? I'm at work tonight and won't be able to tear into it until tomorrow. I do have my FSM with me and will be reading up on it tonight. Any thoughts and input is much appreciated. Also, any idea what a new fan motor will run price wise? Thanks, Jeff
On y '94
Two screws for the cover, unclip the pushrod for the "door" and remove the cover.
Remove the wiring connector
Remove the 3 screws that hold the Motor Assy.
blower motor in your hand....

If you have/had a knocking noise it makes me think that something solid has fell in and is binding the squirrel cage? (some people here have had gruesome discoveries in this location.)
Thanks, I'll be pulling it apart tomorrow....hopefully it's something that simple.

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