AC coolant amount?

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Dec 29, 2008
Missoula, MT
My AC hasn't worked for about a year, I finally took it to a dealer today as I am about to make a road trip through some southern states.

I heard back from Toyota and they are telling me it is a "short to ground AC temp switch", I was also told it will need 2 gallons of coolant and 2 hours labor as well.

The part that confused me was 2 gallons? Are they referring to engine coolant? At first I thought the freon, but that seems a lot even though I have no idea regarding AC systems...

Many thanks,

Well, A/C uses refrigerant not coolant and it would be in ounces or pounds not gallons. tell them to clarify what exactly are they charging you. also and A/C temp swith is not a two hour job. the only Temp switch i found is on the A/C control wich would have to be changed as a unit. again ask for clarification. the exact amount of refrigerant to be used is sometimes in a sticker in the engine compartment.
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A/C charge amount is supposed to be 29.98 +/- 1.76oz.
Thank you all for your help. I am going to get a more detailed description of the service they say it needs in the morning for future reference. The part they quoted me wouldn't arrive until early next week so I must just move on without AC.

I want the diagnostic report to be well understood though so when I do finally take it to a dealer later, hopefully they won't be changing my fresh red coolant.


Either they saw that you were low in coolant...


To replace/fix part they will have to disconnect a coolant hose to get to the area and they will loose about 2 gallons of colant in the process.

Can't be anything else!
I wish your user name was cruisetopeka I would just pay you to charge my system up. Thanks for all the AC help, I know you've been posting in several threads.

HAH! It's all in the FSM! Get yourself a copy.

It's also in the FAQ I think under the section that talks about capacities and whatnot.
FWIW and future info for anyone...

The temp switch in question turned out to be a safety switch that is located under the intake that basically will turn off the AC if engine temps get too high to prevent overheating.

The mechanic said in order to replace this part, you lose coolant from disconnecting some coolant hoses (where the 2 gals come in).

Anyway, the switch in question was just simply unplugged, and AC works beautifully once again. Since it is for preventative damage, I'm just going to set some temp alarms on the scangauge.

Thanks again,

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