Ac compressor won't work when wet

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Nov 3, 2017
There was another thread about the ac compressor not engaging, however it was due to a leak. My ac compressor won't work when wet. My compressor started making this tick sound and wouldn't blow cold. I popped the hood and could see pink fluid scabbing on the hoses going into the cab. Then it kinda just fixed itself and the AC blew cold. Still, took it to Toyota, they replaced the hoses, couldn't get the compressor to fault again, it was fixed and awesome. Then the next day I ran it through a carwash and immediately after my ac would not blow cold. So water is the cause, what's the fix? I'm pretty sure it involves another trip to Toyota but I'd like to be informed. Thanks
May be water entered into the fuse box? a carwash will never spray water on to the compressor. Check the AC relay.
Not necessarily the compressor wet, the truck getting wet. Heavy rain or carwash. The fuse box is dry.
Check all of the wiring in the circuit for chaffing/breaks. Also any connectors (trinary switch and compressor clutch connectors), clean them, apply a light coat of dielectric grease.

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