a440f manual shifting

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Jun 9, 2010
when i manual shift my 80, there is a 2-3 second lag, before it go's into next gear, is there any way to get rid of this?
Try letting up on the gas pedal? I don't think there's anything you can do about that when you're manually shifting a hydraulically-controlled automatic unfortunately.
Could be kickdown cable related.

Why are you shifting manually? Is the tranny shifting to higher gears too early? If so, definitely adjust the kickdown cable.
The "off the shelf" option is a tuned valve body, $$$.

There are diy options, but remember everything is a compromise. Most of the "delay" is to allow for smooth shifting, quicker shift often equals harsher shift. Raising the system pressure, changing accumulator spring pressure and/or stroke, etc, will make for quicker/harsher shifts.
thanks for responces, when in drive it shift's fine, it's when manual shifting,holding in a spacific gear and shifting to next it has a delay,that is what i am trying to minimize, it causes the engine to redline if you do not let off the gas.

say you are in second gear with shifter and engine is at 3800rpm when you shift to 3rd,it will not shift until you hit 4600-4800rpm
That sounds like you have your right foot on the floor. At WOT it will hold gears longer. If it shifts normally in D, then the fluid pressure, clutch packs, and valves are all working properly.
Manually shifting doesn't turn it into a manual transmission. You're still dealing with throttle position/fluid pressure. Back off the throttle and it will upshift.
ok thanks, i am just use to my old ford c6 when you manual shift, it go's into gear alot faster.
I asked this same question back in '05 and here are the responses I got then:


Not much has changed since then, both in the answers given and the way my transmission shifts. As recommended by MUD I drained the transmission fluid from the pan (which is not all of the fluid in the trans) every oil change for about 5 oil changes. This is supposed to "flush" the trans without dislodging any sludge. My trans still shifts the same.

This past weekend I dropped the pan because it was wet at the seal and I wanted to clean the screen. Every time I have drained fluid it looks like brand new fluid. I did not even touch the screen, it was clean. There was a graphite looking substance in the pan but after 180K I think that is to be expected.

So check out my thread, there are some pics of the parts mentioned earlier in this thread. I have decided to not worry about it. Just don't manually shift and you will never notice it. :)

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