Wanted A GX470 that the Utah dealership who beats me to all the good deals doesn't know about

May 31, 2019
There's a dealership near me (Wasatch Front in Utah) that gets most their inventory off the local classifieds. That's not a problem unless you're like me and are looking for a deal on a GX470. They've beat me to two deals now with the most recent one being a really clean 2006 they got to yesterday just minutes before me.
  • My max budget is $13k (I'd prefer to spend around $10k-$11k)
  • I'd prefer a light color but beggars can't be choosers
  • Year doesn't matter
  • Maintenance history does matter
  • I'd like under 150k miles but if the price/maintenance history is right I'd go higher.
I know it's kind of a long shot but if you've got a GX to sell and are in the western United States then let me know, I'm in the market and probably will be for awhile with this dealership next door. Thanks.
Jan 19, 2012
West Marin
Hey, I have a 2006 GX-470 with about 153K on that I'm getting ready to sell. It's Silver with sports package (KDSS) and light grey interior. It's been started as a build (onboard air/dual battery/ ARB drawer in the back with a fridge slide). It's in Northern California. Mechanically really good (the only issue is with sunroof--got a quote from Lexus dealer for about 1K to fix). Its been a Cali car all its life, but we live by the coast and it does have some light surface rust underneath and on wheels, but nothing like you would have on East coast/ etc. Probably looking to get around 8ish for it. LMK-Jonathan jcunha@buildwithvida.com Interior in really good shape some minor issues on the exterior. Can send pics if interested. Cheers!
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