97 lx450 100k What to replace?

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Mar 31, 2012
As some PM I'm going to replace, radiator, water pump, fan clutch, all radiator and heater hoses, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, thermostat, belts, alternator brushes and maybe rebuild the power steering pump! Everything works great but I'm going south of the border for an extended trip and don't want any hassle. I'll use all oem parts. Is there anything else while I'm in there? Thanks!
Brakes and rotors come to mind. What is the condition of the front axle? You have a good list started, but I would look over all systems and components of the rig. Chances are things are in good shape but it never hurts to cover your bases.
Same boat, minus the extended trip

A compilation of the parts you described, as ordered from Beno.

Cooling Lines
16573-66010 Radiator Hose
16571-66030 Radiator Hose
16572-66021 Radiator Hose
16267-66020 Water Hose
99555-10200 Water Hose
16264-66021 Water Hose
162261-66040 Water Hose
90916-03117 Thermostat
16346-66020 Thermostat Gasket
16210-66020 Coupling

90918-21558 Cord Set
90919-01176 Plugs
19101-66010 Distributor Cap
19102-61240 Rotor Assembly

12204-35040 Valve-Sub
909480-18001 Grommet
22271-66010 Gasket
17801-61030 Element
19127-66020 packing
23300-69045 Filter Assembly
90915-20004 Oil Filter
90430-12031 Gasket
12261-66021 Vent Hose
12262-66021 Vent Hose
90916-02352-83 fan Bekt
99332-10910-83 belt
16400-66040 Radiator (brass)

I don't have the part numbers handy for the following that were ordered, also:

PS Gearbox rebuild "kit"
105 Pitman arm and sector shaft
PS pump and necessary gaskets
Stainless brake lines

My "To-order"
Brakes, rotors, hard lines, front and rear axle kits, wheel bearings, PS cooler, drier relocation, dual battery tray (not really PM), aux fan, Scan Gauge, alternator and starter, idler,

I'm sure there are several vendors possible of the same, but I started with Onur (Beno) due to his offering to inspect a vehicle local to him when I was searching.

Regardless, he can spout of the necessary components for each system, and the corresponding part numbers as easy as spelling his name, and they arrive a few days later.
Thats exactly what I need!
Top notch info...Cruisers seem to attract guys that know WTF they are doing!
Anyone in Cleveland Ohio area that specializes in Lx450
I'd like to find an local independent shop that is more resonable

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