97 Hand Brake Issues

Mar 27, 2010
Raleigh North Carolina
I've failed my state inspection because the guy pulled up my hand brake and it had pretty much zero tension on it(which I was aware of).

Troubleshooting it today revealed that the hand brake spring mechanisims are at a siezed state. They work but only if you hit them with a hammer to an "of" state. When you do that and then pull the lever you feel it actually pulling and setting the brake. Once the lever is released, brakes do not disengage. I then have to manually actuate them underneath with a hammer to release.

I know the issue resides at least within the rubber boot and it's lack of lubricant. Blasts all day of PB have not helped with the movement.

My question is... what kind of kit should I be looking into purchasing for this fix? I've already read the threads on pulling the rubber grommet wihin the drum and doing that adjustment and I don't think that is entirely related to my issue. I'm before that I think. The entire mechanism that is supposed to retract when the lever is released does not.

I'd like to do this repair on my own but right now don't know what I will need to replace.

Side note - I haven't pulled the wheel yet.

Any knowledge or a link to a thread I may of missed would be appreciated.


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