'96 LC-Vibrations

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Jul 2, 2011
I have '96 LCruiser w170k miles and have vibration up front under my feet upon acceleration above 40mph. Had tran. rebuilt 15k miles ago and tran company checked all out and said OK. The vibe is almost like the cavitation you feel in a boat that is out of balance. HELP.........
Welcome to Mud. :flipoff2: (mud salute). Unusual to have a A343 transmission go completely bad at only 155,000 miles; what was it doing, slipping/shuddering in reverse (common)?? There have been some Toyota TSB's that required minor repairs/adjustments to the valve bodies IIRC but not a complete rebuild. Is the vibration under light acceleration that goes away when you let off on the gas? Have you serviced the front axle and greased the driveshafts regularly? Is the vibration all the time or only when you first start out in the morning?
Hi; The tran was slipping badly and tran company needed $, I guess. There were shavings in tran case. Anyway, it's done. The current vibration is only in forward, but I can feel it slightly at lower speeds, but especially accelerating above 40. It happens when it's cold or hot. It will ease off sometimes, but not go away. Front axles have not been serviced as far as I know since I bought it from a friend about 80k miles ago. That's what I' m going to check next week after holiday. Still the vibe seems directly under my accelerator foot. I'm also wondering about motor mounts..[?]. Thanks for welcome and reply. Are there any good contacts on site for small used interior and exterior body parts?
Check the classified section for parts for sale and parting out. Bad U-joints can cause a vibration under load, there are four; two for each driveshaft. Dry front axle spindle bushing can also cause a vibration or rumble but usually just when first starting out IME. Look at your knuckle "balls" at the ends of the axle; are they dry/rusty looking? You can add grease via the inspection ports on the steering knuckles; there is a square threaded plug that you remove then pump in Moly fortified grease via that port.

Spend a few hours reading in the Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQs) about Front Axle Service and do a search for vibration+acceleration in the 80 section.

Here's a link to the front axle service in the FAQ section. Your problem may not be there but often the front axle is one of the most neglected areas depending on the previous owner, so good to know something about how they are put together IMHO.


You could also try searchs for: U-joints+vibration or driveshaft+vibration. Adding the + sign cuts down on unrelated search results. Good luck.
Same problem

I have a '94 with exactly the same problem. I had the full front axle service done by Chenoweth in Ohio. He said thats what I needed....no change. I had the U joints all replaced. No change. I had the tires balanced. no change. The latest pro says the front axle is just worn out.... I can't think of anything else to do. Let me know if you come up with another way to throw money at this. I'm out of ideas.

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