93 headliner replacement with 95+?

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Jun 30, 2005
Mesa, AZ
I am contemplating replacing the headliner in my '93. However, rather than springing for a $1200 OEM replacement, I'd like to save some cash. For example, buying a used 95+ headliner, re-lining it, and installing into my 93.

Re-lining a solid headliner in a 97:

Has anyone put a 95+ headliner into a 91-94 body? What are the obstacles? Necessary mods?

On a side note, I've read a snippet from CDan about removing the "hanging" headliner in my '93:
IH8MUD.com Forum - View Single Post - Rear cargo light, tieing into existing wiring....

Thanks in advance!

No one has info on this?
After posting this thread, I have an opinion, but no actual experience:

If you look at the plastic A/B/C/D pillar covers, they are a much different shape on the pre-95 and post -95 interiors. In order to put a solid /non-hanging headliner into a pre-95 vehicle, you'd probably have to replace all the aforementioned A/B/C/D pillar covers. As the B/C/D pillars are at least two pieces for each pillar (a top and a bottom half), there might be other unexplored problems.

It's a moot point for me anyway; I've sold the vehicle (all my vehicles actually), and moved on to a single 2005 4Runner Sport 4x4 V8... Nice smooth ride, actually.

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