92 - FJ80 overheating --Help

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Jul 12, 2016
I was having overheating problems the temperature would climb continuously once I got onto the freeway I have replaced the radiator added electric fans and replace the thermostat still having same issue.
Shot the thermostat housing with a thermometer and it is reading 225 when it heats up.

Any ideas would help
Hmm...have you replaced your thermostat? Have you taken a hydrometer to your coolant to see if it is any good? How is the fan clutch on your engine fan? Does your radiator have the full fan shroud or has it been removed? How is your fuel trim? If you're running too lean due to bad O2 sensors or a plethora of other issues you are going to run much hotter. So many things it could be.
I would start with installing a new thermostat if it doesn't already have one (make sure to pre-test it before installing) then I'd move on to replacing the radiator cap with a factory new one. Improper cooling system pressure can lead to boiling and excessive temps. I would also take the opportunity to flush the cooling system and back flush the heater core and fill with new coolant. If all of this has been accomplished I would check the water pump, buy a gasket, pull the pump and make sure it still has veins. That checks out I would ensure your fan clutch is working properly and that the fan shroud is intact and sealed against the radiator with the foam seal that should have been on your radiator. All of that checks out then it's time to look into a tune up and ensure you're not running lean. And Welcome to mud!

Oh and @alis16 , search is your friend. Overheating issues have been thoroughly discussed on this forum.
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Make sure your timing is not retarded my 92 overheated on the highway when the timing was retarded
Electric fans will not help is your fan clutch stock with the stock fluid,is it the aqua green hub timing In a 92 is a pain just Advance it to you get a little valve clatter then back it off in the factory manual the third thing on the list of overheating is to check your timing for being retarded
My 95 80 1fz series would get real hot as soon as I started doing any up hill driving, it was the fan clutch...
But also I have a 95 3.5 shogun....in the US it is a Monterey, ..and that did the same, that problem was the rad Core was blocked, don't think previous people used proper coolant,.....most of the cores were blocked, looking through the red cap hole things looked fine, we took the rad apart and it was at least maybe 60% blocked. That was 4 years ago and still running great.

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