91' Not starting occasionally

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Feb 2, 2010
Basalt, Colorado
I have a 91' that has not started a few times when the engine is hot. Is this "vapor lock"? What causes this to happen? The truck was at operating temp and parked on a slight slope each time it happened. I've been around this occurance with other cars but I've never gotten to the root of the problem.
Ha! I knew I should have just asked you Al. I'll check it and get back to ya. If it happens to not be the relay are there any other things to look at?
Are you getting a
with the key in the ON position?

This will verify power to the ECU via EFI relay...
No check engine light. And the relay looks fine and seems to function normally.
if it cranks and cranks but doesn't turn over,
EFI relay. multimeter placed my toyota relay at the correct working voltage/ohm but once I replaced (and since) it has started right up consistently.

may also check air intake, correctly gapped spark plugs, clogged fuel filter, over filled engine. I followed all trouble shooting steps in Haynes manual, until I stumbled across a forum here about the relay.
hope this helps
my 93 does this sometimes too... will drive fine for weeks and nothing will happen but randomly will not start. it wont crank and acts as if the battery is dead ( new batt and alt) . if i let it sit for awhile or if it happens at home and let it sit for few hours or overnight it fires right up.ive checked what i can think of may just take her in when i can lol good luck

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