91 LC hard start issue

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Jan 29, 2015

I recently bought this 91 land cruiser with 213k off of craigslist. It want running when I bought it.
I thought it would be a reasonably easy fix but has proven a little harder than anticipated.

When I got it, it would turn over but not start. The previous owner had pulled the wiring loose on the MAF and had pulled the top off to resolder it. He hadnt sealed i back very well, when I sealed it back up I was able to get the vehicle to start. Now, I have to peg the pedal to the floor to get it to start. It will start and run but not idle and soon as I put it in gear it dies.

I have cleaned the throttle body, cold start injector, MAF and IAC. all of the above tested ok except that I cant get the IAC to pull in and out when I put power to it like the Toyota repair manual suggests.

Ive also tested the fuel pressure, no problem there. Also tested ignition coil, and igniter and they were fine as well. Ive replaced the plugs and cap and rotor.

Obviously Im missing something but Im not sure what. Im not very familiar with Toyotas in general either.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

I would try to find a new maf
On that note, I forgot to add, when I took the MAF off a couple of days ago to clean it, 4 washers and 4 thick washers, I assume they are a spacer of sone sort, fell out of it. I didnt pull the bottom off of the MAF because I wasnt sure if I coukd seal it back riht
You have an AFM, not a MAF, but it should be replaced as the one you have seems to be screwed.
An AFM from any 3FE will work (FJ62/FJ80).

Should that give a check engine code?
^^^if your AFM is screwed, you will NOT get a check engine light (CEL) when the key is in the On position. When the key is in the ON position, you should have an illuminated engine light in you gauge cluster. If you don't, most likely you AFM is toast. I had to buy a replacement when I trashed mine and got it used for $60. It was used, but has worked flawlessly for over 1.5 yrs.

Sounds like you have an easy fix when you get the AFM. Be careful with the intake hoses as to not tear the rubber while taking the AFM in and out. Good luck!
A faulty AFM might throw a code, depending on what is wrong with it. It may prevent the EFI system from becoming "ready". The problem is we have no idea what was done internally to the current AFM, therefore it is suspect. The hard starting could be related to the internal flap being compromised in some way. The fact that yours was previously damaged then repaired makes it suspect in my mind. There are tests that you can perform in the FSM to check the air flow flap and make sure it is operating correctly.
If it were me, I would pick up a used/unmolested unit and start with known good parts. Then we can continue troubleshooting.
Just so you know....Your PO pulled out the wires on the AFM, broke them and resoldered them. I am going to suggest to you, as I did him, that you get a new AFM.

Don't take apart things you don't know anything about, unless you research them first and be willing to pay for what you wreck second.;)
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