8274 mounted under rear?

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Mar 8, 2009
Has anyone moiunted a 8274 on the rear of their fj40? I have a bellveiw that is same size as the 8274 and I would like to mount it under the rear, I would like to see some pictures of your rear mounts Thanks.
I would think that the winch is too tall to really mount under your cruiser....if you want a winch in the rear, consider trading it or selling it for a lower profile winch...

Yeah, I measured and it appears to be way to tall, just thought there may be an outside of the box idea that I was missing. Anoter option is to build a reciver mount and only install it when I am going wheeling.
I would probably mount a deep cycle battery in the rear and use an Anderson style connector for a quick connection.
i ran 1 for a while laying on its side and it worked well until the seal went and ruined the motor when it filled with oil.the receiver idea sounds good and it keeps the winch upright.good luck
I built a reciever mount for mine. With a suitable front plate and gussets and only wide enough to just hold the winch, the whole rig with battery cables to reach the front of the truck and a spool full of 5/16th the thing was FRICKEN way too heavy to have just anywhere and only really safe to carry in the reciever. Making it "in the way all the time"

I put a sudo reciever on the reach of my utility trailer (vertically) to store it on moose hunts but it was still in the way. I finally just built a bumper and put it on the front of my truck:).
I am going to build a rear tire carrier and mount a reciver to the rear, I am not sure if there is enough room with the tire there to have such a tall winch?
The other issue is the weight of the winch with the mount, I would only have to install it once in a while and leave it in the receiver.
Where do you live ?
How close are you to Oroville? I am going there on Saturday to pick up some parts here Page 1

You can have the mount that I built, it's made from heavy plate I will weigh it and take a couple of pictures.

You could prolly arange to have it shipped from bettas.
On the same topic...

I am planning to mount my second 8274 in a receiver mount and then have a second receiver inside the bed of my 45. My spare will be on one side and the winch on the other. The winch without cable is heavy enough so I'm going to make the mount as light as possible and yet strong enough to be safe. And I will be running synthetic line as well. Even so, its damn near a two person lift.

To power the winch I will run the appropriate gauge wire to a quick coupler at the rear bumper and a short lead off the winch with the mating coupler. There will be an in-cab control circuit also. The rear winch will be for those rare (hopefully) occasions when there is no easy way to use the front winch for recovery. My rig is slated to be more expedition than crawler so I may not have anyone around to pull me out of an obstacle.
Marlin, I live in Richland, it is about 4-5 hrs south of there, I was actually in Omack last week it is only 45 min, I would like to know the weight and dimensions if possible so I can contact that shipping company and check shipping cost. Also a pic woul be nice. Thank You.

Ok tomorrow around five I will take some pics and weigh it and post them up here asap. To bad I'd meat you in Omak...we go there usually when we are "over the line"...yup only 45 minutes further.
Here you go greenweenie40,



Weighs 15-20lbs (my scale is for bigger stuff but I think thats close).

I will PM you.

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