80 series tire recommendations

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Dec 27, 2007
I am getting a 80 with stock mich's on it. There going to be needing replaced (the mich's are a little to much$) so I am looking for a good light off-road tire. BFG?? toyo?? any recommendations or pic's. the truck will not be off roaded, just want something with a little tread that looks nice. Thanks in advance.
285/75R/16 Nitto Terra Grapplers. They are affordable, look nice, wear well, and do well offroad if you ever change your mind.

any issues with running a larger tire without lift. I thought 275 was stock. also any info on yokohama geolander? thanks.
The aforementioned 285/75 fits just fine on a stock 80 series, just slightly taller/wider than stock. The problem with stock is 275/70 limits your selection, it is a rather odd size, If 285/75 is larger than you want to go, look into 265/75. There are lots of good choices in that size, including yokohama geolander and nitto terra grapplers, both fine tires for your uses in my opinion.
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I'm also replacing my stock 275's this summer and I'm torn between 285/75/16 or 265/75/16.
You can run 285's without additional lift and they won't rub, but with 265's you get a little better mpg and they may cost a little less.
Compared to the stock 275's the 265 is about 3/8 of an inch narrower and 1/2 an inch taller.
But the 285's sure do look good.
I hope this helps, good luck.
any issues with running a larger tire without lift. I thought 275 was stock. also any info on yokohama geolander? thanks.

A little more info. The P275 70 R16 stock tire size is a passenger car tire size. The sidewalls have more flex and give a better ride. The closest LT or light truck tire size to stock is LT265 75 R16. LT tires are designed for pickups and SUVs and generally have stiffer sidewalls that hold up better for heavier use and have a harsher ride. The choice is yours.

I run Green Diamond which has an very similar tread to the Geolander MTs. It's a directional tread tire and from my research, the on road ride is similar, also. If you are staying on the pavement or well traveled dirt and gravel roads, I don't recommend the MT tread. You'll get a better ride, better gas mileage and pay less for an AT or all season tire. My .02
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Excellent information Tom.
Are you running the Icelander A/T or the C/T?
......Are you running the Icelander A/T or the C/T?

Neither. I'm running the M/T. Checkout the link in my sig line for more info. Sorry, for the hijack, webman!
I have the Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 in 305/70/16. You can price match them for $178 shipped per tire. They are very quiet, no drifting, and ride very well. They look great too!
I love my stock Michelin LTX's !

I get 90K out of a set..... so I just got my fifth set this morning. More of that in another posting.

Here is something to think about. how about a 255/85-16. Its a 33" tire but should get decent MPG due to the narrower tread. Sams Club has has that size in a BFG MT km2 for about $195.
I love my BFG TA's.

They look great, last forever, are rated snow tires (no chaining up when they post requirements on the pass), and handle great (especially on road and light off road).

Some tires may get you better gas mileage (but consider you MAY go from 12mpg to 14mpg - probably more like 12 to 12.3 mpg :bang:)

For stock suspension I would definitely go with 285/75/16. They fill the wheel well much better. They will not even come close to rubbing with normal and light-offroad use.





Good luck sorting through the 100's of opinions you will get on this subject
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Yokohama Geolanders

Yokohamas are great on snow and ice and wear really well
looks nice

the bfg ta look's great. look like a decent price also. I also like the mich ltx just tooo much money. Thanks for all the advice. glad to hear a 285 will work, really like the look of that.
You should be able to get a $70 rebate from BFG for a set of 4. Costco and America's Tire both have the deal running here. Mine cost $800 mounted and balanced ($870 before rebate).
The pic is the contact point of my 295/75x16 Terra Grapplers. They only touched when the rig was stock and full flex, anything smaller shouldn't touch.

I moved from BFG A/T TKO to the Terra Grapplers. My experience is, would buy the Terra Grapplers again in a flash, there is very little chance of BFG's on my rig again.
I love my stock Michelin LTX's !

I get 90K out of a set..... so I just got my fifth set this morning. More of that in another posting.


x2. For a pavement queen, you can't beat them. Not much more than other tires, before Discount Tire and Michelin sent me a $70 rebate. Less than $800 for all 4 installed.


I've only checked two local tire shops so far but neither will install 285's for me, say there over 3% larger then stock, also that 285's will cause engine, brake and tranny problems. With as many people that run these I can't believe this is the case? I would like to run 285's, alot more options, also pricing is better just want to make sure I will not screw anything up. Anyone around the midwest know of a tire chain that will install larger tires? Thanks

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