80 Series swing out tire carrier

Jun 13, 2003
Iron Pig swing out spare tire carrier in great shape. Lance @ Iron Pig makes some very nice stuff and I was lucky enough to get one of these about 2 years ago. i wheeled a bit with it on but no major scrapes or rash.

Swing out will handle 35" plus on a smooth, sealed pivot. The locking latch on the rear of the pivot is not working. You can ignore it, I did, or see if Lance cant set you up with a new plunger; should not cost too mich if he can do it. The latch and holder that connects it to the bumper works like new; very heavy duty.

Powder coated in a black textured finish with 2 massive recovery points welded on. Full rear and side protection with a reciever hitch built in. I added a strut to help with the openeing but it works fine without it if you wish.

I am shaving off the rear of the Big Gay 80 so it will no longer work for my application.

$525 firm can deliver to GSMTR or will Forward Air at your expense.

PICs will be here eventually

Some confusion...this is for the entire thing swing out and bumper w/bolts. ALl you need to do is to bolt it on.
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