80 Series roof rack (where to buy?)

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If you have money for a high quality rack, I would suggest this. I do know he is working on a prototype for
the 60 series as well. If I built one, it would be identical in design.
Ironically, a pair of simple roof bars new Thule cost almost $500 can
I saw Jason at the Cruiser Days last weekend, or the 23rd anyhow. He had a new prototype for an aluminum
rack on his 80. It looked really good, I kind of regret not getting a pic of it. I'd forgotten I'd talked to him.
Give him a call, his work is certainly high quality.
I love that prinsu designs rack. Low profile. The solid rain channel support really seems the best for weight distribution.
I'm thinking of making one similar myself. Just need to find a shop that can cut my design with laser/water jet. (Oh and make the template)

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