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Jan 5, 2004
Im looking into buying 1993 fzj80 with lockers. The vehicle is wrecked in the passenger front area. I'm trying to decided wether to part it out or fix it. If i do fix it it will need a core support, fender, hood and headlight. I guess my question is where is a good body parts supplier. Thanks in advance Shawn
If the frame is good, I would just patiently search for the parts you need. MUD and Craigslist would eventually net you a repaired 80 with lockers, lotsa value in that! Post pics if you can....
I'd say if you can get it cheap, snatch it up. You always have the option of parting it if need be. Seems the 80's are worth a LOT more in parts right now than whole. You will be able to find the parts to fix it if you take your time.

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